Vaping eliquids vs. my health

Rumours are saying that vaping eliquids may not be healthier than smoking, but scientists have another opinion about this discuttion.

Many doctors in UK and the Royal College of Physicians made official that vaping is much safer than smoking and can play a big role in quiting smoking for good and finally reducing deaths from smoking-related diseases in UK and all around the the world. Other leading tobacco experts such as Public Health England, the British Heart Foundation, Cancer Research UK and Action on Smoking and Health also agree that vaping is a better option than smoking and encourage the population to swich between.

Some of eliquid providers on market are actually letting the customer to choose himself the amount of nicotine in the eliquid for the e-cigarettes. One of the best eliquids providers is FreeSmoke Vape Shop, which is giving you the option to choose the amount of nicotine in your eliquid and also has a variety of tasty flavours inspired by nature and people’s most prefered flavours in all time. You can choose between 0 mg to 6 mg or more nicotine in your eliquid and also have plenty of flavours, fruited tasty or special mixes such apple pie with cinnamon.

This way, your vaping experience can be safe, not only for your health, but even for your loved ones, because vapes are not affecting the breathing of people around you, such it does the smoke of a tabacco cigarette. Eliquids are safe even if you have small kids around your house because are bottled with childproof caps so the little ones won’t be able to open them.

Some parents are concerned about vaping teenagers, but actually vaping isn’t a gateway to tabacco cigarettes, but can be a safer option because providers are allowed to sell only non-nicotine flavoured e-juice to them. Actually, teenagers in UK and all around the world made up a new trend in performing surprising tricks with the vapour of e-cigarettes because it’s cool, fun and very tasty. You can find ones of the most loved and tasty premium eliquid flavours on wich will definely change your mind about any smoking experience until now.

Also, recent studies figured out that e-cigarettes outstripped nicotine gums and patches as quitting tool, so you can consider this option for quitting smoking for good, as it is argued even by the professor John Bitton, which says that many people actually quitted smoking and vaping as well.
Vaping eliquids may be the good change for your lifestyle and health, but also for your pocket and for your loved ones around, it’s tasty flavoured and delicious.

VP Debates: Biden Plays the CLOWN!

VP candidates Paul Ryan and Joe Biden went at it last night and what a SHOW it was.  Biden came across like a cranky old man in need of an enema laughing and smiling excessively and being completely disrespectful towards Ryan.  But I expected nothing different from Biden.  He has no respect for anyone and he’s an idiot.  That’s why Obama says he’s the greatest VP anyone could ask for.  LOL ah yes nothing better for your second hand than a clown who just doesn’t have a clue…..about anything.  And just what were all of the goofy faces Biden kept making?  To watch this man it was unbelievable that he’s actually the VP of the US.  No dignity at all and what an embarrasement he was.

Honestly the debate was nothing short of a farce last night.  Of course Biden continued to push Obama’s lies and empty promises which was not surprising at all.  What was surprising is Biden acted just like Obama did.  I mean, who the hell do they think has been in the WH for the past 4 years?  Both act like it’s been someone else.  WTF?

Actually I must praise Biden on one thing.  He showed CLEARLY that the Obama admin has no respect for our republic or the American people.  He also showed clearly that this admin will continue to lie to us and SPIN IT no matter what because they truly believe the average American is an idiot inbred.  Biden’s performance was a disgusting display and it was clear from the start that he, like Obamy, thinks America is one big JOKE!  If ever two men needed to be voted OUT of office it’s Obamy and Biden the REAL IDIOT!

Oh and I also want to thank Biden for once again confirming that we truly are a BANANA REPUBLIC.