Fed Budget: Romney’s Solution is to cut PBS funding?

Something I’ve been thinking about since the last presidential debate is a comment made by GOP candidate Mitt Romney.  In that comment Romney said if elected he would cut funding to PBS.  I heard that comment and I’ve been thinking about it since he presented it as a way to help balance the federal budget.  I know that PBS funding composes less than .05% of the federal budget so I’ve been wondering how cutting that funding is going to have any real impact on cutting government spending.  Sorry but I don’t see where this is going to help.

So is Romney blowing smoke out of his ass?  Is he just another “leader” who is going to boast loudly like Obama does about cutting the federal budget but really doesn’t nothing of any significance to do that?  Cutting PBS funding was a poor example to use for cutting the budget IMO.  How about closing a few of our military bases overseas?  Wouldn’t that do more to cut the budget than axing PBS funding?  Or how about cutting some of those high priced government salaries and perks?  Surely that would do more to cut the budget than going after PBS.  IMO there are plenty of ways to cut the budget that would have a significant effect on government spending moreso than PBS funding.  Sorry but if Romney’s plan is cutting PBS and other minor funding that’s not really going to do much in the way of cutting government spending and balancing the budget.

Honestly I don’t like either candidate and the reason I’m supporting Romney/Ryan is because Obama has had 4 years to do what he promised and he hasn’t delivered.  Now he’s acting like someone has been POTUS for the past 4 years and, basically, making the same promises he made in 2008.  Obama just hasn’t delivered but will Romney?  By cutting PBS funding?  I don’t call that delivering at all.  If he really is serious about cutting the budget then why not go after some big items?

I’m still scratching my head in amazement that these two clowns are the best America has to offer.  I can’t help but think what people outside our country are thinking.  I know some of them are laughing at us.  Laughing because both of these guys are a joke!!  Neither one is a real leader.  Both are politicians…read…snake oil salesmen.  I don’t believe one damned word either Obama or Romney says.  Both are obviously the serfs up big corporate donor money and that’s who both of these guys answer to.  Not We The People!  The more I see, the more I know that our votes are just a sham.  These fascist corporatists created and maintain the illusion that our votes mean something and that’s all it is.  AN ILLUSION.  There is no substance and that is the biggest reason this nation is now in BIG TROUBLE!

Mussolini defined fascism as the marriage between the state and corporation.  He later said that “corporatism” was a better term for this marriage.  That’s what we have in America today.  Fascist Corporatism in which the state has married the corporation and the corporation uses the state to do its bidding and to impose their will upon us.  PERFECT case in point is OBAMACARE!  Both Romney and Obama are fascist corporatist and no matter which wins the fascist corporatist agenda will continue I’m sure.  Both men are just the pretty faces for public consumption and nothing more.  Both are controlled by the corporatists who finance their election campaigns.  Neither are grateful for the vote of the common American because our votes don’t really mean anything anymore.  Both are indebted to and owned by those big corporations who pump all those millions into their campaigns.  And it’s just not Obama or Romney either.  It’s all of our elected officials.  From Congress down to the state level down to the county and city levels.  These elected officials no longer represent We The People nor do they represent the Will of the People.  But they continue the illusion.  They continue to press the lie and sham pretending they do.  But they don’t and that’s why our Republic is in such a mess right now.  And, honestly, electing Romney or Obama isn’t going to change it IMO.

Where are our real leaders in this country?  Where are our statesmen and stateswomen?  I’ve been asking that question for a long long time now and there are no answers.  Surely the greatest naiton on earth can produce people better than Obama and Romney!  Or have we become a society in which the great are nonexistent?  That would be really sad if that’s what we’ve become and it would prove just how degenerated American society has really become so I hope that isn’t the case.

So, returning to my concern, Romney seemed really proud of his promise to cut PBS funding as if that would really do something to cut the budget when, in fact, it wouldn’t even make a dent in it.  He couldn’t possibly believe we are stupid enough to believe this is the solution could he?  We have MASSIVE government waste and spending on projects that are WORTHLESS and unnecessary.  We have 10 billion military bases scattered around the world mostly in nations that don’t even really like Americans anymore and closing some of those bases WOULD have an effect on the budget.  Does Romney not consider these options?  When he made the statement I got the impression right away, “Oh this man thinks we are all fools.”  But the American people are not all fools.  And so I wonder.  What will happen if either of these men are elected?  Sorry but I see us continuing down the same old road to DISASTER that we are on now.  That just isn’t going to work.  We’ve got to have real leaders or we are soon to be history.

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